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Waka Whetu Podcast
In conversation with Indigenous Elders | Whaea Miriama.

In conversation with Indigenous Elders | Whaea Miriama.

Land Back/ Food Sovereignty Stories from the Whenua - Waimamaku, Hokianga, Aotearoa.

This is one of our favourite kōrero with whaea Miriama, Jane Mihingarangi & Tanya. This conversation about the land and whaea Miriama’s life is a testament to the hardships experienced by Māori due to colonisation.

Their land was taken by the Crown and given to the local school, her whanau was left in poverty, and in order to survive, they were forced to move away from their whenua to find work. The wild food sources that were plentiful as a child eventually became too polluted to eat. Whaea Miriama was left to raise her brothers and sisters and subsequently their children as her siblings all passed away early in life due to degenerative diseases.

Whaea Miriama passed away a few months after we recorded this conversation, she was such a feisty lady and she is wholeheartedly missed.

Sadly her whanau still have not had their land returned to them.

Waka Whetu
Waka Whetu Podcast
Kōrero Paki: We explore Net+ futures by starting conversations with indigenous elders, artists, designers, academics/ thinkers, musicians, makers & doers.
We talk about indigenous issues such as land back, food sovereignty, kotahitanga (unity), kaitiakitanga (stewardship), tino rangatiratanga (self governance). These issues need to be discussed in order to haumanu (revive) ourselves, our identity, our culture and Te Taiao (the environment) and move towards more just and equitable futures.
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